Pipster Prep Staff

Tessa Stevens Director

Tessa Stevens is the Director and Owner of Pipster Prep. Tessa earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Accounting from Oregon State University. After working in the accounting field for a few years, she decided to make a career change. With a love of children and education, Tessa moved to South Korea where she taught English to children ages three to ten years old. Upon returning to Portland, she enrolled at University of Portland and earned her Master’s in Teaching. She went on to teach Kindergarten and First Grade in the Evergreen School District. As a kindergarten and first grade teacher, she saw how important kindergarten readiness was. Her dream of opening a preschool began while in Korea, and with her experience in public education, she is excited to be able to prepare students for entering elementary school.

Jessica Castrapel Teacher

Jessica Castrapel is the Head Teacher in our Owl Pre-K Classroom. Jessica started at Pipster Prep in September 2014. She has 14 years of experience as a nanny. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Portland State University and a Master of Education from Loyola University. Jessica is Montessori trained and earned an Assistance to Infancy Teaching Diploma from Montessori Institute Northwest. Jessica has a passion for early education and knows that providing an environment full of rich, happy experiences aids a child in developing a love for learning. Her goal is to inspire children to seek peace, reveal their uniqueness, and fulfill their potentials. She enjoys gardening, paddle boarding, and spending time with her dogs, chickens, and husband, Elias.

Briar Hayworth Teacher

Briar Hayworth is a Head Teacher in our Raccoon Preschool Classroom. Briar started working at Pipster Prep as an Assistant Teacher when it opened in April 2014. She earned her Bachelors in Child and Family Studies with a focus on Early Childhood Education at Portland State University and is currently working towards her Masters in Education. Briar is passionate about early education and inspiring children to love learning. She believes that building community in the classroom is the foundation for a creative and exciting learning experience. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching old films, and baking.

Jessica Burt Teacher

Jessica Burt is the Head Teacher of our Fawn Preschool Classroom. Jess earned her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Miami University. After seven years as a Pastry Chef in New York City and Portland, Jess is now back in the education field and couldn't be happier. She has never forgotten the importance of the early years in starting a child's educational journey. During the last seven years, Jess taught children cooking classes in an effort to stay close to the field, and in fact still does them. Jess loves to hike, listen to music, teach cooking classes, and travel with her husband, Allen.

Stephanie Hennessy Teacher

Stephanie Hennessy is a Head Teacher in our Raccoon Preschool Classroom. Stephanie started at Pipster Prep in January of 2015. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and Elementary Education from Portland State University. Stephanie has always wanted to be a teacher and is passionate about creating an environment in which students are excited and ready to learn. She hopes to inspire students to become proactive in their learning and to build a long-lasting love for education. In her free time, she enjoys painting, drawing, cooking, reading, hanging out with her guinea pigs, and spending time with her friends and family.

Margot Schramm Teacher

Margot Schramm is the Head Teacher in our Fox Classroom. Margot started at Pipster Prep in March of 2016. She earned her Master of Education degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Florida. She has nearly eight years of classroom experience teaching kindergarten and lower elementary grades in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. She believes strongly in instilling a love for learning in her students and encouraging children to practice kindness. When she isn’t teaching, Margot enjoys cooking, DIY projects, visiting family and friends, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Ricky.

Anna Bradley Teacher

Anna Bradley is the Head Teacher in our Rabbit Pre-K Classroom. Anna started at Pipster Prep in January of 2016. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado with a major in psychology and a certificate in peace and conflict studies. After college, Anna spent time in Austin as a nanny, teaching dance to children, and as a crisis line advisor. She happily returned to her home state of Oregon and is thrilled to be working in the Pipster Prep community. Anna has always loved working with children and finds herself invigorated by their curiosity, humor and kindness. Her focus is teaching with an emphasis on creativity and problem solving skills, balancing structure with carefree spontaneity. When she isn't at work, Anna loves reading, playing outdoors and spending time with her friends and family.